The final teenage year for Pattaya Mail


Yes, the Pattaya Mail has just turned 19, a number that most people think has little significance – but it has much!

I am advised that 19 is a Karmic number and is referred to as a Destiny number.  This destiny means that it relates to an experience you have chosen on your path that cannot be avoided.  It gives you an opportunity to stand on your own two feet and says that you will need all of the positive traits of 1 through to 9 to get through the experience.

You are asked to use the courage, independence and leadership qualities of the 1 to create the humanitarian concepts and brotherly love of the 9 for all humanity in every endeavor that is on your life path.  That’s what you would expect from your family newspaper, one which has certainly shown courage, independence and leadership while promoting humanitarian concepts and brotherly love.

Those attributes are ones that you might like to take on board too, and let’s head towards the big number 20 together.