Jesters’ Fair is a month away


We have been so preoccupied promoting our new Gala Party Night at the Amari Orchid Resort on Saturday, September 24th, that we have neglected to plug the Fair, our signature event of the Jesters Care for Kids Charity Drive. And, it’s only a scant 30 days away coming at us under full-steam on Sunday, September 11th!

But then we assume that by now you know that the Fair is always on the second Sunday of September and, moreover, is being held at the same venue, where it’s been for the last 10 years, the Diana Garden Resort and Driving Range in North Pattaya.

Aerial shot of 2008 Fair in the morning. The stage this year will be moved 90% to the right.Aerial shot of 2008 Fair in the morning. The stage this year will be moved 90% to the right.

As we mentioned earlier in the year, we are planning to reconfigure the Fair too, if for nothing else, just to keep it fresh. And, for starters, we are moving the stage from its southern location 90 degrees to the west so that it is front of the Korean Church and facing east towards the children’s arcade. The reason for this is to try to enhance the visibility of the stage from more points on the fairground. We are also lessening the stall numbers by 30% towards this aim too, and to create a little more elbow room.

In terms of the stage entertainment, the afternoon segment will be jam-packed with school bands and other young groups, headlined by Grammy artists for the enjoyment of our teen-aged fair goers.

We also have good news for the adults: We are regaining complete control of the Green Corner, or the site of our original beer garden, which offers a shady refuge with mist-cooling fans to beat the heat and quaff some cold ones.

Of course, there will our regular popular attractions too, including Pop’s Cool Zone with tips for budding musicians; along with the climbing wall provided by Clough and Geckotech. And to cap off the day, Leo Blues Bar Band will play till dusk.

Incidentally, we have our commemorative event shirts already and the white shirts are history. We are back in black, and only black! They are NOW available at Jamesons, Viking Beachcomber and TQ. You can buy one for 400 baht or 2 for 700 baht, as long as the stocks last.

In order to get you in a fair-going mood, accompanied with these words are some great pics of children taken by Paul Shortino from our annual family outings.  Enjoy!

In the meantime, if you too would like to join in the fun and help the needy kids in our community at the same time, please visit our website at and on Facebook at www.