20 years is quite an achievement


Many Happy returns Pattaya Mail, 20 years is quite an achievement, starting when this city was a merely a small town into the thriving tourist resort that it is today.

I can see that Pattaya has changed dramatically in those years and Pattaya Mail has managed to hold onto its values whilst at the same time moving with the demands of its readers.

It has been my great pleasure to write for Pattaya Mail and to play a small part towards Pattaya Mail Television (PMTV). My relationship with Peter Malhotra is not one of a boss, I see him rather as a mentor and brother and feel I am part of the Pattaya Mail family.

I can see that running the Pattaya Mail along with the Pattaya Blatt, Chiang Mai Mail and PMTV does not always come easily, a lot of dedication and hard work is required to meet with deadlines and deal with all the logistics that come into play with such a multifaceted company.

I wish to congratulate you on your 20 years and I know for sure that you will continue to serve the community for many many more years to come.

Happy Birthday!

Paul Strachan

Production Manager  Pattaya Mail Television (PMTV)