Public Health Min taking steps to prevent rabies outbreak


Bangkok – The Ministry of Public Health has instructed the Department of Disease Control to give anti-rabies vaccinations to people and animals to prevent a wider outbreak.

According to Public Health Minister Dr. Piyasakol Sakolsatayadorn, the Department of Disease Control continues to provide anti-rabies vaccinations free to the general public after a number of infected animals were recently reported.

He claimed that people pay little attention to the severity of the virus. In the past, the majority of rabies patients succumbed to the disease because there were no medicines. Now, anyone bitten by a cat or dog is advised to seek medical attention immediately.

Vaccinations are being provided in 13 affected provinces.

In Chiang Rai province, a survey is now underway to determine the number of doses needed. Animals without an owner are likely to be sterilized to keep their population under control and prevent rabies transmissions.