Conflict in Syria may affect Thai economy


Bangkok – An academic at Thailand’s Rangsit University, Anusorn Thamjai, says the US, UK and French air strikes on Syria could drive up crude oil prices to 100 dollars per barrel.

Anusorn said the prices have already reached the highest level in 3 years since the coalition launched its attack on Syria on April 14. It is also possible that it might lead to a renewed cold war between Russia and western nations.

Economies around the world, including Thailand, may slow down in the 2nd quarter due to the rising energy prices and inflation. Financial markets worldwide are expected to fluctuate in the next two weeks.

The conflict will inevitably affect Thai exports to the Middle East if it continues into the second half of this year.

Meanwhile, Secretary General of the National Security Council, Gen Wallop Rugsanaoh, said the impact of the conflict would be felt globally since powerful nations are involved.

He said Thailand does not support violence and, as a member of the United Nations, will abide by the rule of international law.