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Friday, 07 December 2012 From Issue Vol. XX No. 49 By  Miss Terry Diner

The Tavern by the Sea, the Amari Orchid’s ocean front pub/restaurant has been steadily making a name for itself in Pattaya, as a very viable alternative for diners looking for “comfort food” in a sports bar environment.

Whilst with its 14 screens showing all types of sporting events is an obvious draw-card, we went to try the new expanded menu, under the watchful eye of new Executive Chef Leonard Faust, who was only too happy to expound on the expansion!  It was Leonard who corrected my initial thoughts that this was going to be all “pub grub” by correcting me to say it was actually “comfort food”.

Executive Chef Leonard Faust talks about the new expanded menu featuring comfort food.Executive Chef Leonard Faust talks about the new expanded menu featuring comfort food.

The venue is now controlled by the new manageress “Jajha” and the Tavern is truly by the sea, overlooking Beach Road about 50 meters from the corner after the Mantra.  Secure off-street parking, which is always a bonus on Beach Road.

There is one section outside, for those who like the sea breezes; the inside is air-conditioned, with the dominant feature being the very large horseshoe shaped bar, tables along one side and large sofas and more tables in the center.  There is also a mezzanine, with access from the outside al fresco area, which gives views over Pattaya Bay.

The new menu is comprehensive, without being overpowering and begins with breakfasts, both Thai/Asian and European.  Appetizers next with a strapped jacket potato with cheddar, bacon, spiced sour cream and spring onions (B. 150) and ours was huge, as well as being tasty.

Soups next, salads, pizzas and pastas, burgers and hot dogs, sandwiches (try the Philly steak), racks of ribs, Thai cuisine, pub grub (fish ‘n chips), a kid’s menu, desserts and drinks (Heineken draft pint B. 150 for example).

Fortunately, we were a review team of four, as we had to sample many different dishes, and I can honestly say that we all found them excellent.  The Andaman Seafood Chowder (B. 250), presented in a large bread bun, was just full of prawns, mussels and more and was served hot to the table.  An excellent and nourishing soup.

One of the additions to the expanded Thai section was Khao Soy Gai (spelled Kao Soi Gai in the menu), which is the traditional Burmese curry dish, plentiful in Chiang Mai, but difficult to find in Pattaya.  This comes with fried egg noodles in a plate of curry and chicken breast slices, along with fermented cabbage and onion.  A great Thai taste treat (even though it was imported from Burma) and at B. 230 a meal on its own.

Amidst loud shouts from the kitchen, the chicken fajitas were brought steaming to the table, along with the tortilla wraps and guacamole, cheese, and cream dips.  Fun theater from the service staff as well as being fun eating.  At B. 350 this was probably the bargain of the evening.

The pizza we chose from the 10 on offer was the Pescatore, a seafood pizza with sautéed prawns, mussels and fish with tomato sauce, basil and mild chilli.  Just enough to spice up the pizza.

The chicken fajitas are brought steaming to the table.The chicken fajitas are brought steaming to the table.

The Dining Out team did this review on a Tuesday, and we can wholeheartedly say that we enjoyed each dish from the a la carte menu.  The expanded Thai menu is also good marketing, with more and more Bangkok Thais coming down to Pattaya for weekends.  The prices in the menu are also inclusive of VAT and service charges, by the way.

We would suggest you also consider the Tavern’s specials such as the Indian Curry night on Mondays (B. 449), the Ribs and Wings on Wednesdays which is an all you can eat deal (B. 399, or with a glass of San Miguel B. 449), and the Churrasco night (very positive review eight months ago) featuring all you can eat with prawns and pork ribs being just two of the favorites (B. 690).  Finally the Tavern by the Sea is running a Barclay’s Premier League competition for all those who follow the round ball sports, details in the Tavern.

Tavern by the Sea, Amari Orchid, Pattaya Beach Road, open seven days 11 a.m. until 1 p.m., secure car parking within the Amari grounds between the Tavern by the Sea and the Mantra restaurant, telephone 038 418 419, web www.amari.com.

Inside, the dominant feature is the very large horseshoe shaped bar.Inside, the dominant feature is the very large horseshoe shaped bar.

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