Holland in the Dark Side


This week’s restaurant review is something of a rebirth. There was a well outfitted restaurant (Chez Yvette) within the Holland Tulip Resort complex which had produced some interesting dishes, but then suddenly folded its tents in the night and disappeared! The owner of the resort then decided that he would assume a managerial role with his wife Ting (who also manages their Tulip restaurant just up from the Mitkamol intersection), so after recruiting staff and cooks, the restaurant has now re-opened.

You won’t miss the signage!
You won’t miss the signage!

The restaurant is in two sections, the first outside overlooking the resort swimming pool and the second an indoor air-conditioned sea of red, chairs, tablecloths, flowers and carpet with a central sit-up bar. The chairs are carvers in red velvet and comfortable and the tables large. Terracotta tiles on the floor. You do immediately feel at home. The ambience is excellent.

Now it is somewhat tucked away, but it is worthwhile finding it. There are two ways to get there. Coming from the Pattaya end of Siam Country Club Road turn right at the Mitkamol traffic lights (the only traffic lights on Siam Country Club) and about 200 meters along there is the Courtyard restaurant on your right, with a small soi immediately after on the right. Travel about 200 meters along the twisty soi and Holland Tulip Resort is on your right.

The alternative way is to travel further along from the Soi Siam Country Club traffic lights until you come to a Big C on your right and turn right immediately after that. There is a strange tower in the middle of the intersection. Follow that road along, under some illuminated arches and Holland Tulip Resort is on your right. There is an enclosed parking area, complete with security personnel.

Now while the restaurant appears as it was before, the staff is new and the offerings are also different, and the prices are incidentally very much lower.

The menu is not extensive, but also not expensive. Local beers are B. 60-75 and wine by the glass B.99.

Salads range in price from B. 109 to B. 159, with a Hawaiian at the top end. Baked mussels with cheese and a salmon tartar is B. 280.

Snacks are B. 69-110 with spring rolls the most expensive.

Now comes the section just called “Steaks”. The low prices continue with items such as a pork or chicken cordon bleu at B. 249. A pepper steak is B. 300. Even a salmon steak is only B. 280.

A Dory Meuniere with your choice of potatoes is B. 189.

A lamb shank with rosemary is B. 300, and with the main dishes there is a choice of three sauces and four potatoes.

Everyday items continue with a fish and chips (B. 169), and a schnitzel (B. 189), pork ribs in a garlic sauce (B. 259), beef stew (B. 239) and even the British staple of Bangers and Mash at B. 179.

Dory meuniere.
Dory meuniere.

Next section covers pastas (B. 139-189) followed by sandwiches and burgers (B. 110-159) and five different soups (all at B. 109). Thai items are B. 70-150 to round out the menu.

The Junior tasters were part of the review team, selecting a macaroni cream sauce pasta, a schnitzel with mashed potato and a dory meuniere for myself. There were no adverse criticisms of any dish, the presentation was excellent and the portion size more than adequate.

Poolside dining.
Poolside dining.

The prices are very low (in fact, too low in our opinion) for excellent fare. A little difficult to find, but well worth the excursion. And at the prices, very difficult to beat. Do try.

Holland Tulip Resort Restaurant, open six days (closed Tuesdays), 11 a.m. until 11 p.m., telephone 094 654 2498, email [email protected], secure parking in the resort.