Elephant and Onion Stew


No apologies for recycling this lovely Thai recipe.  It was given to me by David Levine, a chef who had been in Thailand for some time, so was au fait with the ingredients.  The principal constituent is freely available in Thailand, and in fact, you would probably be in line for a City Administration grant if you took a couple from the streets any night.  The rabbits are harder to find, but I believe you can get them on special order at supermarkets.  It is not a quick stir-fry in the wok on the street behind the kitchen, but apparently is worth the effort.

IngredientsServes 3000
Elephant1 large
Pepper½ pail
Salt2 pails
Onions4 bushels
Water93 gallons
Flour6 pails
Rabbits (optional)2

Cooking Method

Cut elephant into bite sized pieces – preferably put aside around four months for this part.  Cook over a kerosene fire for three months, or until tender.  Now add onions, salt, pepper and flour and cook until done, generally around two days.  If more people arrive than expected then add the rabbits at this final stage (do this only if necessary, as most people don’t like hares in their soup).