Coquilles St. Jacques


This week’s recipe is a universal favorite, and presentation of this dish will enhance any cook’s reputation.  It is surprisingly easy to make, with all ingredients readily available locally.  I recommend the mashed potato with the scallop shells and you can even make a small bed of the potato and push the shells into it.  The slight browning of the potato adds to the overall effect.

Ingredientsserves 4
Butter6 tbspns
Flour3 tbspns
Salt½ tspn
White pepper1/8 tspn
Cream1 and ½ cups
Scallops24 large
Onion chopped¼ cup
Mushrooms sliced½ cup
Sherry2 tbspns
Parmesan cheese for sprinkling

Cooking Method

Sauté scallops and onions in two tablespoons butter.  Remove from pan and sauté mushrooms.  Now place the scallops and mushrooms in the scallop shells and keep warm.

Make the sauce from the remaining butter plus flour, salt, pepper and cream, very gently stirring over a low heat.  Add the sherry and pour the sauce carefully over the scallops.  Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese, and brown under the broiler.  Hot mashed potatoes can be piped around the edge of scallop shells before putting under broiler.  Serve hot.