Chicken with Mango


Unlike most Thai dishes which use green mango, this Chinese recipe calls for ripe (sweet) mango.  The sweetness of the mango offsets the marinated chicken and should be served with Jasmine rice on the side.

IngredientsServes 4
Chicken breast fillets400 gm
Salt1 tspn
Sesame oil¼ tspn
White peppera pinch
Cooking oil1 tbspn
Water3 tspns
Corn flour1 tbspn
Garlic crushed2 cloves
Mango (ripe)2
Spring onions (chopped)2
Sunflower oil3 tbspns
Lemon juice drizzle

Cooking Method

Take chicken breasts and cut into thin slices and then into strips, and put aside in a large bowl.

Combine the salt, sesame oil, white pepper, cooking oil, water and corn flour until smooth and pour over the chicken breast strips.  Turn the chicken strips so that all are in contact with the marinade and leave there for 10 minutes.

While the chicken is absorbing the marinade, peel and remove the stones from the mangoes and dice the flesh into 2.5 cm cubes.

In the wok, heat the oil and add the chicken strips, stir-frying until the chicken is lightly colored.  Now add the spring onions and garlic and cook until the chicken is done.  Add diced mangoes and a splash of water, drizzle on the lemon juice and serve.