BBQ Korean style


Korean BBQ restaurants are a world-wide phenomenon, but you can have a Korean BBQ just as well at home.  The conical shaped Korean BBQ plate is the traditional way to do this, but the more usual western BBQ plate works fine.  The important factors are slicing the meat thinly and allowing enough time to absorb the flavors from the marinade.  Finally, do not overcook the meat.

IngredientsServes 6
Beef sliced and pounded thin300 gm
Chicken breast pounded thin200 gm
Pork loin pounded thin100 gm
Bacon rashers100 gm
Dark soy sauce2 tbspns
Light soy sauce2 tbspns
Spring onion finely chopped1
Garlic crushed2 cloves
Grated ginger root1 tspn
Sesame oil1 tspn
Sunflower oil2 tspns
Ground black pepper1 pinch

Cooking Method

Cut the beef, chicken, pork and bacon into thin bite-sized slices (5×2.5 cm) and dry with absorbent paper.

In a dish, mix the soy sauces, spring onion, garlic, ginger, pepper and sesame oil then place the meats in the mixture and leave for around 60 minutes to absorb the marinade.

Heat the BBQ plate and brush with sunflower oil and quickly cook the meat for about one minute each side and serve immediately on a warmed plate.