Registration open for ‘pracharat’ markets


Small-scale vendors and retailers can register through month’s end for space at the government’s new “pracharat” markets, a project to grow the grassroots economy by expanding and adding new markets run by state agencies.

Deputy Gov. Phawat Lertmukhda said Chonburi residents can register at the provincial hall’s complaint center until Nov. 30.

More than 6,500 community markets are scheduled to open Dec. 5 nationwide, with nine different market types planned for Chonburi: “Green Market”, “Thai People’s Smile” market, “Happy Local Market”, “Bangkok Returning Happiness”, “Province’s Outstanding Products”, “Modern Trade”, “Community’s Outstanding Products”, “Unseen Civil State Market”, and “Cultural Market / Cultural Road”.

Details on exactly what products fall into those descriptions is available at the registration area.

The pracharat markets are modeled on the Klong Phadung Krungkasem Market opened next to Government House in Bangkok three years ago.

The Green Market is run by the Interior Ministry’s Market Organization and will take 800 new vendors nationwide. Interior’s Community Development Department meanwhile will set up markets in 2,000 locations and accommodate about 20,000 local vendors and farmers. Meanwhile, the ministry’s Department of Local Administration will set up 3,800 locations to serve 40,000 vendors.

The Bangkok market will be set up in 14 locations for 10,000 vendors while provincial markets will offer locally made goods and seasonal items.

The Commerce Ministry’s will focus on floating markets and tourist attractions and inside department stores. The Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives, meanwhile, will increase sales space at its 147 sites.

Finally, the Culture Ministry’s markets will promote cultural products and services.

For more information, please call 038-278370 or hot line 1517.