Public protest against Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement escalates


BANGKOK, Nov 16 – Fourteen Thai social activist groups have jointly submitted an open letter to Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, calling on the government to refrain from negotiations with the US for membership in the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (TPP). 

The letter, endorsed by the Free Trade Agreement Watch and 13 health-related non-governmental organisations, said the negotiations should not be held until studies on its merits and negatives are clear to all parties in society and consultations are sought from the people.

The groups warned the government against rushing into a decision with the single mindset of jumping on the ‘trade bandwagon’ which may eventually put the welfare of the people and the nation’s sustainable development into jeopardy.

They said the cabinet’s abrupt decision to negotiate with the US will severely affect the country’s economic and social stability, charging that the TPP will favour the interest of US multinational companies which had been rejected in other international trade organisations.

  • John Le Fevre

    The whole Thailand-TPP situation is being severely downplayed by the mainstream media ahead of the US Presidential visit.

    The USA has never brokered any deal that didn’t result in a win for the USA.

    The TPP has been described as the “most important trade agreement that we know nothing about”.

    Medicines Sans Frontiers, Amnesty International, the Electronic Frontiers Foundation and members of the US Congress have all spoken out against what little is known of the 26 provisions of the TPP.

    More information on the Secret TPP trade pact here: