Nielsen: Ads income declines last month


BANGKOK, 14 Feb 2014,  The Nielsen Company Limited, a global consumer behavior analyst, has revealed that last month the the advertising industry generated an income of 7.8 billion baht or 1.21% less than that of the same period in 2013. 

The company has discovered decreases in spending in almost all forms of advertising which includes television, radio, newspapers, magazines, mobile vehicles, shopping malls and on the internet.

Nielsen Co. said only theater and billboards were able to make a profit, citing an increase of 826 million baht or 87.73% growth in the former and an increase of 334 million baht or 1.52% expansion of the latter.

The company also indicated Coca Cola spent most in ads in January, at 117 million baht followed by Toyota Motors at 107 million baht and Isuzu at 84 million baht.