Martial law has no obvious impact on Chiang Mai tourism

Friday, 23 May 2014 By  NNT

CHIANG MAI, 21 May 2014 - Tourism entrepreneurs in Chiang Mai believe martial law has had no impact on tourism in the province.

According to the Chiang Mai Tourism Business Association Committee spokesman Pornchai Jitranawasathien, the announcement of martial law has created mild concern in the tourism business sector and amongst tourists. However, they were not frightened and eventually accepted that the situation does not affect their safety after military troops remained disciplined. So far, no foreign tourists groups have cancelled their trips to Chiang Mai.

Nevertheless, political stability would definitely benefit tourism in the long term. At present, travelers from other Asia countries and the Middle East continue arriving in Thailand as normal, whereas those from Europe and the USA may decide to take a few months to fully assess safety and security before entering Thailand.

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