Industrial Promotion Dept to inspect post-flood condition in factories


BANGKOK, 22 April 2012  – As most factories have now recovered from last year’s flood crisis and resumed operation, the Department of Industrial Promotion (DIP) is set to inspect the condition of the factories and their production process in order to prevent any impact on the manufactured goods. 

The DIP has announced that the flood, which took place late last year, had affect over 5,000 business establishments. Most flood-affected factories are now back in business; however, certain factories are still suffering from the problem of fungus and microorganisms in flooded building structures or goods, which may affect the quality of the manufactured products as well as domestic distribution and exports.

In order to assist entrepreneurs, particularly around 1,000 SMEs in the food, food packaging, furniture, textile and agro-product industries, the DIP has, thus, collaborated with the Central Laboratory (Thailand) Co., Ltd., in carrying out inspections and certifying the air quality in flood-affected business establishments. Advice will be given to factories which face the problem of poor air quality. Once the air quality meets the standard, a certificate will be issued to guarantee the cleanliness of the establishment. Additionally, seminars and mobile clinics will be launch to educate entrepreneurs on the necessity of the air quality inspection as well as the process of eliminating fungus.

So far, the Department of Industrial Promotions under the Ministry of Industry has been providing two forms of assistance to recovering businesses, which are the revival of business operations through finding a distribution channel and linking the production process of flooded factories with non-flooded ones; and the revival of the factories’ production process by handing out advice on machinery maintenance, factory blueprint, as well as the modification of the production process in relation to the current situation and resources at hand.