FT charge could increase by 8 satang per unit


BANGKOK, 28 May 2012  – The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) said that it will consider lifting the Fuel Adjustment Tariff (FT) charge, possibly by eight satang per unit, starting September this year. 

The ERC said the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) has been shouldering the extra costs of fuel after the FT charge increase has been delayed thanks to the government’s measures to help people cope with high living costs.

According to the the regulator, the EGAT can no longer carry the burden; saying it has had to pay 20 billion baht extra for the price difference in the past. The ERC has a plan to return around 14 billion baht to the EGAT by mid 2013 for the extra FT charge incurred from January-May, so the EGAT could use the money for its other development projects.

In addition, service fee charged by counter service is rather high, which is actually a double fee. It is therefore considering lowering the fee, explaining the savings could be used towards paying part of the FT charge in the future.