Fruit prices likely to increase during Chinese New Year


TRANG, 17 January 2014 An inspection in Trang’s fresh markets has indicated that fruit may see an increase in prices during the upcoming Chinese New Year.

Fruit vendors at the fresh market in Trang province have been providing a wide selection of various types of fruit to cater to the needs of consumers, especially with the Chinese New Year drawing near, when customers often shop for fruit for ceremonial occasions, such as oranges, watermelons, dragon fruits, pears, guavas and longans, of which the prices at the moment are in line with the general market. However, the prices may hike prior to the upcoming Chinese New year.

Oranges, which are selling at 80 baht per kilo, will probably see a hike of another 10 baht; dragon fruit costs 80-90 baht per kilo; pears 25 baht per kilo; grapes 150 baht per kilo; watermelons 25 baht per kilo, and longan 90-100 baht per kilo. The Increase will be approximately 5-10 baht per kilogram.

In Trang, consumer spending is quite low at the moment possibly due to the sluggish economy and the drop in rubber and palm oil prices.