Foreign Ministry to push for the opening of more northern border trade areas with Myanmar


BANGKOK, 24 August 2012  – The Foreign Ministry is poised to push for the opening of more Thai-Myanmar border trade areas in Chiang Mai Province. 

Foreign Minister Surapong Tovichakchaikul revealed on Thursday that he is planning to hold talks, on Friday, with national security-related agencies to discuss the opening of the Pang Tong and the San Ton Doo checkpoints in Chiang Mai Province.

Mr. Surapong said that the opening of the new border checkpoints is intended to help boost border trades, given the San Ton Doo checkpoint was once an active trade area between Thais and Myanmar nationals until its closure in 1995, due to national security reasons.

However, citing opinions from locals, the Foreign Minister is confident that the reopening of the checkpoint will not have significant impact on the security affairs in the area.