Farm front egg price capped at 3.30 baht/egg


BANGKOK, 24 May 2013 The Ministry of Commerce has capped the farm front price of chicken eggs at 3.30 baht per egg, in its effort to rein in the problem of expensive eggs. 

Deputy Commerce Minister (Nattawut Saikuar on Thursday met with hen raisers and representatives from related sectors, and discussed with them the problem of expensive chicken eggs. He said after the meeting that the main reason for the heightened egg prices was the very hot weather that has caused egg hens to lay fewer eggs. Output now averages 34-36 million eggs per day, almost matching the 36 million eggs per day in daily demand.

Mr. Nattawut says the current price per egg at the front of farms is 3.20 baht. This figure may not increase until the ministry-established ceiling, but he will evaluate the situation again next month. The minister believes prices will become lower starting in June or July. With the cooler weather during that period causing an increase in egg production, eggs may become oversupplied and prices could drop significantly. He has assigned the Internal Trade Department and the Livestock Department to prepare measures to accommodate such a scenario in advance.

Mr. Nattawut also disclosed he is requesting collaboration from the 3 mobile phone service providers to provide price updates on items such as pork, chicken meat, eggs and vegetables. Those wishing to receive the service would have to make subscription.