Excise Dept collected THB42bil during first half of fiscal 2012



BANGKOK, 28 April 2012  – The Excise Department has just reported its revenue collection for the first half of fiscal year 2012, amounting nearly to 180 billion baht.


Mrs. Benja Louicharoen, Director General of the Excise Department, said on Friday that the department has collected 179.24 billion baht in tax revenue during the first half of fiscal 2012, which began last October.

The Excise Department chief said that the number-one source of revenue was auto tax, which amounted to 42.97 billion baht, followed by tax on beer of 34.61 billion baht and tax on tobacco of 31.83 billion baht.

The department’s number-4 and 5 source of revenue were oil and oil products, which helped it earn 30.38 billion baht, and alcohol tax, which was 28.48 billion baht.

Mrs. Benja added that the Finance Ministry has instructed the Excise Department to step up its probe in the tax-evasion case and to implement offensive and clampdown measures against violators of excise tax law.

In addition, the department has procured an inspection boat to help it scour Thai waters, both on the Gulf of Thailand’s side and the Andaman Sea’s side, more thoroughly.

She said that the new boat can carry up to 15 officers and crew, and can operate no less than 50 hours while at sea. It is also equipped with advanced communication tool that will enable the officers to arrest the suspects more efficiently.