Comptroller General’s Office making sure lottery tickets retail at 80 baht


BANGKOK, 2 July 2014 – The Comptroller General’s Department is guarding against overpricing of lottery tickets, starting with the batch due on July 16. At the same time, the Government Lottery Office is threatening to revoke the quotas of lottery ticket wholesalers who charge small vendors excessively for the tickets. 

Dr. Kunthira Tantirangsi, acting director of the Government Lottery Office (GLO), explained that dealers who are granted quota allocation and wholesalers of the tickets have been told to make sure that they sell to small vendors at prices that would allow the final retail price to be 80 baht per ticket.

Small vendors who overprice will have their allocation reduced. Wholesalers who overprice will not have their contract renewed in the following year.

Dr. Kunthira said she believed that the prices would be successfully managed for the tickets for the July 16th draw. Small vendors are expected to start visiting the GLO today to claim the current batch of tickets.