Commerce Ministry kicks off agricultural fair


BANGKOK, 6 February 2013  The Commerce Ministry has kicked off an agricultural fair at the ministry in Nonthaburi Province, offering consumer products and food for the offering on Chinese New Year at low price. 

Permanent Secretary for Commerce Vachari Vimooktayon presided over the opening of the agricultural fair. Consumers can enjoy reasonably-priced items, such as pork, chicken, vegetables, fruits and other products needed for the Chinese New Year Festival’s worship rites. The Lunar New Year this year will be on February 10th.

Ms Vachari stated that products available at the fair are 20-40% cheaper than in the market. Boiled chicken, for example, is sold at 180 baht each; while pork is sold at 115 baht per kilogram.

In addition, the permanent secretary stated the fair is also aimed to help farmers release their stockpiles and stimulate the economy. The fair is held during February 6-8, from 8 am to 5 pm at the Commerce Ministry in Nonthaburi Province.