“Blue Flag Fair” held in Sisaket until Nov 29


Sisasket, 26 November 2013 The government is organizing the “Blue Flag Fair” in Sisaket Province, hoping to help reduce the people’s cost of living. 

Sisaket Province, in cooperation with the Department of Internal Trade (DIT), is hosting the “Blue Flag Fair”, with an aim to boost local economy as well as to help locals reduce their living expenses. The fair will be held until November 29th.

Over 300 booths have participated in the fair, providing a variety of reasonably priced OTOP products and other necessities. These products are directly supplied by manufacturers and priced at 20-40 percent lower than those selling in the market.

The government is well aware that people are having difficulties coping with the high cost of living, and has ordered related agencies to come up with measures, among which the Blue Flag fair, to help reduce their living expenses, especially during the time of economic slowdown.