Banglamung District again warns illegal hotel operators


Banglamung District again warned hotel operators they must apply for proper licenses and submit their buildings to inspection or face fines, prison or both.

The Interior Ministry last year issued requirements for any building serving as a hotel and said any structure that does not meet those standards must shut down or make modifications to come into line with both the new regulations and the Hotel Act of 2004.

Pattaya last month shut down 30 illegal hotels and threatened to close more if they find operators who don’t hold proper licenses.

The law applies, the district said, to any apartment, condominium, dorm, guesthouse or rental house charging hourly or daily rates for accommodations.

Operators must apply on the second floor of the district office. Those who don’t and are found to be in violation of the law and face a year in prison, a fine of up to 20,000 baht and continuing fines of 10,000 baht until the building closes or comes into compliance.