Bricks in a puddle does not a proper road make


With its origins as a privately-owned street, Soi 6’s infrastructure has always been a notch or two below that of other Pattaya avenues. Power cuts are common, the water is generally brown and the road surface long resembled the surface of the moon.

Early this year the city finally acknowledged the surface shortcomings and slapped down some new pavement in places. But, typically, the asphalt used was not the same quality as Beach Road gets. Soft, porous and lumpy, the asphalt has quickly deteriorated with potholes reappearing.

Some industrious people decided that rather than wait for the city to do a proper job, they’d simply fill in one big pothole themselves… with bricks.

As the photo shows, the result is far from perfect. While it might provide a smoother bridge for cars, the bricks-in-a-puddle solution might actually cause a motorbike accident or a pedestrian to twist an ankle.

Soi 6 employs more than 700 people and is home to families and working people. Even if the city frowns on the soi’s predominant industry, the street deserves the same attention to infrastructure as sois 3, 4 or 5. A proper road paving is long overdue.