Who bought what at the Bangkok International Motor Show?


The official figures have been released regarding the Bangkok International Motor Show.

Number of Visitors: 1.7 million which is close to last year’s record. Most visitors were in average working ages and interested in mid-size passenger cars, family cars and pick up trucks with prices starting from 700,000 baht and above.

Total cars sold: 37,027 units

Top five auto makers with highest sales amount were;

1. Toyota: 6,144 units

2. Honda: 5,069 units

3. Mazda: 4,584 units

4. Isuzu: 4,485 units

5. Nissan: 4,042 units

These figures are interesting, as historically Toyota has always been streets ahead of the others, but this year Honda, Mazda, Isuzu and Nissan are much closer in total sales. A very good result for Isuzu which does not have passenger cars to boost its number, compared to Honda, Mazda and Nissan.

Bangkok International Motor Show.Bangkok International Motor Show.