An unbiased view of a Tesla

Tesla PD.
Tesla PD.

A friend in Australia just sent me this first hand report on a Tesla.

“My work doctor just took me for a spin last night at the end of my shift. This he had just bought in Sydney, a 2014 Tesla PD for AUD 104,000.

“Performance figures include 0-100 in 2.8 seconds, 2WD model, 4WD a little quicker. Forget Super Cars, this is head snapping.

“If you haven’t been in one, take a spare pair of undies.

“Has all gauges concerning battery life and distance left. Assured it will go 450 kays.

“He reckons it will easily cover a week of home to work travel and is easily fully charged overnight and a fast charge of half an hour gets him from Newcastle to Sydney.”