The Editor at Large looks at life


Automania’s Editor at Large is John Weinthal who recently turned 72 (he’s always been older than me)!  As a celebration (?) he sent the following article in.  I believe that anyone older than 50 will agree with some/all of his points below:

I really quite enjoy being 72, but it pays for me not to pretend that I am somehow different … Truth is I am just as crotchety as the next guy a lot of the time and while I certainly look to the future rather than the past – not all that is gone was wrong and not all that is new is an advance.

Marcos circa 1969. Marcos circa 1969.

In the Automotive sphere.

I pine for round headlamps (and tail lights unless imaginative like first Murano and original Maserati 3200 GT).

I want key start.

I would like to see a modern interpretation of column auto-change allowing for three abreast front seating.

Oddly, some might say, I am happy with foot-operated ‘handbrake’ – emergency or parking brake if you get my drift.

I generally prefer minimum 50 profile tyres.

I still like manual gears – the more the merrier.

I hate touch screens – on phones and sat nav etc in cars.

I believe ‘hands free’ is every bit as dangerous as hand-held while driving – the distraction of chat with someone who is blind to the challenges you are facing on the road is the danger, not one-hand driving.

I do not want a reversing camera (I wrote this a long while ago before I bought Optima which has one – not essential but can be handy).

I believe all learner drivers should have minimum 30 minutes experience on skid pan.

I like rear opening doors – front and rear.

I dislike dark tinted windows, especially front and front side.

I have a general preference for British cars – most Bentley, pre-Phantom R-R, Jaguar, McLaren, Aston Martin etc will do … and Marcos (John has a Marcos in Australia)!

I see no reason why I would thank you for any electric car, either production or concept.

I fail to be convinced that there is such a thing as man’s measurable impact on global climate.

I neither understand, nor wish to understand CO2 emission … let the cows, and my car, fart without commentary.

No matter how much I read about it the (Australian) carbon tax justification does not justify it to me.

I believe that unleaded petrol and the whole catalyst introduction was a scam (powered I understand by GM) on par with such later events as the Millennium Bug (Y2K) and Climate Change – formerly Global Cooling and Global Warming, not to mention reports every decade or so of the imminent end of world oil supplies … all classic BS and highly profitable for the scammers.

(So that’s John Weinthal’s thoughts on modern motor cars, and a bit on pollution thrown in as well.  Many points to ponder.)