Spindle grille – or the Emperor’s new clothes?


The styling of Lexus’ front has been radically altered and is called by Lexus, the “spindle grille”.  According to the Lexus Press Release, “creating a strong identity is all part of building a strong brand and the brand-defining grille shape plays a key role in positioning Lexus as a modern, advanced premium manufacturer.  The design’s versatility also allows it to amplify the sportier character of Lexus’s F Sport models.

“In all its applications, from the new CT 200h hatchback to the RX SUV and LS limousine, the spindle grille provides an anchor point from which much of a car’s visual impact is created, as in the lines of the bonnet, the arrangement of the headlamps and daytime running lights, the depth of the front bumper and the sculpting of the front wings.  While the look is new, the basic principles are rooted in L-finesse, the design language Lexus has applied to all its cars since 2005.

Ugly grille.Ugly grille.

“The frontal treatment of the original Lexus CT 200h generated a basic shape that subsequently brought about the spindle design, a breakthrough credited to Katsuhiko Inatomi, who led the GS’s design team.  He first joined together the upper and lower grilles in a single unit, with a central pinch-point that creates the spindle effect.

“In successive concepts and production models, Lexus has successfully adapted the basic spindle design to express different qualities appropriate to each vehicle, for example by adjusting the level of the pinch-point up or down; using different mesh designs and finishes for the grille surround; and giving the grille more depth by projecting the pinch point further forward, as in the case of the forthcoming RC F performance coupe.”

Complete and absolute rubbish, Mr. Lexus.  You new spindle grille is fugly.  You may be giving each other jollies in Japan, but your press release is total BS, and a fine example of the emperor’s new clothes!