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Cars for sale.
Cars for sale.

One of the lads in the Pattaya Car Club (2nd Monday of the month at Jameson’s), brings me some books from England. Brilliant articles about cars, some of which I have never heard of, let alone seen. The latest batch has a leading article on the Galloway cars, built in Scotland by a work force of women.

There are also pages of cars for sale that would make you weep. I have added in the prices, but they are all in STG, so convert at your leisure. One company was offering for sale a 1932 Nash, a 1907 Darracq (25 STG), a 1928 Model A Ford (12,500 STG), and a 1945 MGTC (25,000), plus a Riley 9, an Aston Martin and an Alvis.

If we lived in the UK you could fill your garage for under 100,000 STG.