Run over any bicycles recently?


In Pattaya the number of cyclists has been steadily rising, as have the accidents involving cyclists.  Motorcycles have their headlights on during the day to make them more visible, but bicycles remain invisible.

I discovered this item for bicycles, called the Revolights City Wheels, possibly the safest bike lights in the world.  The original innovative lighting technology is now permanently built into custom-designed wheels and is a significant step forward in improving safety for cyclists.  With the current awareness and news surrounding cycle safety, the introduction of Revolights City Wheels is a great step forward.

Safer Bike riding.Safer Bike riding.

Kent Frankovich, Co-Founder and Inventor of Revolights says, “With 360 degrees visibility and forward light projection, Revolights City Wheels provides a dramatic improvement for cycling safety over traditional bike lights.  They require minimal installation and incorporate superb design, making Revolights accessible to even more riders.”

Richard Grigsby, Founder of Cyclescheme Ltd., says, “Revolights’ radically new approach to bicycle visibility is not only going to make night time riding much safer it’s going to get bikes noticed. That visibility will spawn thousands of conversations which will raise cycling’s profile in the wider community.”


Revolights CITY v2.0 riveted onto 30 mm deep double-wall wheels

Built with 14 g stainless steel spokes with silver brass nipples, laced to track hub

Front lights white, back lights red

Wheel size: 700 c / 622 mm

Tire Width: 18 – 25 mm tyres

Fork / Chainstay opening must be greater than 40 mm

Hub Dropouts: Front wheel – 100 mm. Single Speed – 120 mm. 8-10 gear ready wheel – 130 mm

Hub: Track wheelset – high walled, sealed bearing hub.  Geared wheelset – Shimano compatible freehub wheel

Wheel Weight: Fixed Gear or Single Speed (Free Wheel) 850 gm. Geared 870 gm.

Battery life: 4 hours

Water resistant

Luminosity per wheel: 8 LEDs x 35 lumens each

Theft resistant