NSX reborn


The North American International Auto Show saw a concept car from Honda shown under the nameplate of Acura NSX.  Informed gossip has this as the fore-runner for a new, and long awaited, NSX which will be in the showrooms in two years time.

The original 1990 NSX with its alloy chassis and mid-engined layout was a stand-out at the time, with its 3 liter V6 all alloy engine complete with titanium con-rods.

New NSX.New NSX.

The NSX was also the first production car to feature an all-aluminium monocoque body incorporating a revolutionary extruded aluminium alloy frame, and suspension.

With sales declining, the production of the NSX was stopped in 2005, and it looked as if the NSX was finished, with Honda stating that because of the financial downturn, there were no plans to resurrect the NSX.

However, this new concept NSX has appeared, and is as noteworthy in its technology as the original NSX was in 1990.  This new concept features two electric motors at the front, one for each wheel (an in-wheel system as pioneered by Dr. Porsche in 1902), with a third motor and a V-6 engine sending power to the rear axle.  This produces a unique AWD system without the bulky prop shaft running down the middle of the car.

It certainly looks like a revolutionary sports car, but it will be interesting to see what the released vehicle will be like in 2015.