What did we learn from the GP at Spa?


The Belgian 2018 GP was, after the first lap, a bore.

Here we are with 20 of the claimed world’s best drivers and 25 percent of them crash on the first lap. At the first corner of the first lap. You never win the race at the first corner – you only lose the race at the first corner.

As the gaggle approached the first corner, Hulkenberg (Renault) totally misjudged his braking, slamming into Alonso (McLaren) who then flew over Leclerc (Sauber), running into Ricciardo (Red Bull) who then ran into Raikkonen (Ferrari). Again I say, these are the world’s best drivers?

For the 15 drivers left, Vettel (Ferrari) won as he liked, leaving Hamilton (Mercedes) in his wake. Third went to the wonder cloggie Verstappen (Red Bull).

The rest were part of a high speed procession where even the last man running (Vandoorne McLaren) said, “I think the race in general was quite boring for everyone, there wasn’t much overtaking and for us there were no miracles today.”

Mr. Vandoorne, I have never met you, but at least you are honest.

The next GP is at Monza September 2. Let us hope for something a little less soporific.