Is this the ‘ultimate’?


It seems that every car maker is hell bent on producing a limited run of super cars, though these are now Super Super or Hyper cars!

Aston Martin is producing their one in conjunction with F1 renowned design engineer Adrian Newey. He, in turn, has enlisted a who’s who of motor racing experts to help build its new AM-RB 001.

Aston Martin claims the car will be suitable for road use, that hasn’t stopped it calling on suppliers from the world of motorsport to supply F1 technology for the new machine.

“Much like F1, designing, engineering and building a car like the AM-RB 001 is a massive team effort,” Newey said.

“To achieve great things you need to surround yourself with the best people. Experience, creativity, energy, diligence and perfectionism are absolute must-have qualities in every area of the project. Having great technical partners such as those working with us is both reassuring and motivating. Together we aim to produce an innovative piece of engineering art.”

Aston Martin has revealed some key initial details of the AM-RB 001 and who will be building the key components including the engine, transmission and chassis.

Renowned engine builder Cosworth will be responsible for the design and construction of a 6.5 liter naturally-aspirated V12 to power the car. In order to achieve the aim of a 1:1 power-to-weight ratio the V12 will be backed up by a hybrid system developed by Croatian specialist Rimac, which was responsible for the previous Concept One all-electric hypercar project.

The transmission will be built by Ricardo, the same British company that builds engines and gearboxes for McLaren road cars but is also a long-time motor racing supplier. Its work has been used in Audi’s Le Mans winnings sports prototypes as well as F1 cars.

Because Red Bull Racing remains focused on building its F1 cars, construction of the carbon fiber monocell will be handled by Multimatic. The Canadian firm’s previous work includes the Aston Martin One-77 and Vulcan as well as playing a major role in developing the Ford GT – both the racing and road versions.

Bosch will be responsible for the electrical systems while the brakes will be handled by two companies, Alcon and Surface Transforms to ensure the AM-RB 001 stops as quickly as it goes.

Aston Martin has previously confirmed it will build no more than 150 examples of the AM-RB 001 for road use and a further 25 as track-only specials. The design and engineering work on the car is being carried out now before production begins in 2019.

So there you are. Supercars are old hat, even though they do get special parking spaces in Central Festival. It’s a Hypercar that you need.