Is Honda Thailand’s best seller?


The final figures are not out, but it would appear that Honda has outsold arch-rival Toyota in 2013 for passenger cars.  However, there is a snag – just what is a “car” and what then is a “commercial vehicle”?

It should be a simple matter, but it isn’t!  According to figures from Toyota Motor Thailand passenger car sales figures do not include models such as the Honda CR-V or Mazda CX-5, which Toyota classifies as commercial vehicles and not cars.

However, both the CR-V and CX-5, although called sports-utility vehicles, are taxed by the Thai authorities as passenger cars.

The passenger car total after 11 months has Honda as the leader in the segment with sales of 178,973 units, while Toyota was second with 172,916 units, but if the CR-V is included that gives overall sales from January to November of 198,005 units, over Toyota’s 172,916.

As end of year figures are still not in as we went to press, the new Yaris, which is proving to be very popular, might be enough to get Toyota back on top again in the passenger car market.

However, adding both passenger car and commercial vehicles together, has Toyota well in front at 33 percent of the sales, including the popular Hilux, giving Toyota the number 1 slot it has held for many years.  Honda with no pick-ups remains in second position overall at 16 percent and Isuzu third at 15 percent.