Hamilton could quit after 2020

Lewis Hamilton the F1 Rapper.
Lewis Hamilton the F1 Rapper.

One of the F1 websites reports David Coulthard believing that Lewis Hamilton could decide to walk away from the sport after the 2020 season.

Coulthard suggests Hamilton will quit F1 and concentrate on a music career. “I think it has got to be on his mind,” Coulthard said. “I think that he will go to 2020 which is [the end of] the current Concorde Agreement.”

“I think beyond 2020 there is every likelihood he may well be releasing his first [music] album which he has been working on,” the Scot continued.

Many commentators have voiced the opinion that Hamilton should make up his mind as to whether he is an F1 driver or a rapper, complete with gold chains and tattoos.

We might have to wait until 2020 to see if we all have to wear our hats back to front! I am told by a reliable source that you can still buy baseball hats with the bill at the front.