FXX K Evo from Ferrari

Ferrari FXX K Evo.
Ferrari FXX K Evo.

Ferrari has made one of the world’s fastest supercars, even more so. After spending 12 months in the wind tunnel and over 20,000 km testing on the road, Ferrari has unveiled an updated version of race-inspired LaFerrari, the FXX K Evo. It features reshaped aerodynamics to increase downforce and drops a few kilos from its already light weight body.

However, Ferrari has not revealed all of the FXX K Evo’s details, including price, which will be offered for sale to only the most exclusive members of the Prancing Horse club.

Owners of the 40 existing FXX Ks won’t miss out either, with Ferrari offering to retro fit the new FXX K Evo kit for an undisclosed cost. While the cost to buy a new FXX K Evo off the shelf has not been revealed, the FXX K was around $4 million.

Making its styling stand out is the new rear spoiler which incorporates a large central fin to increase stability under yaw and two side fins – which Ferrari calls vortex generators – that stabilize air turbulence generated from the engine’s heat.

The front bumper has been reshaped with larger air dams for ventilation and underneath are more vortex generators. The rear wheel arches are also larger and reduce drag produced from the rear wheels, while the rear bumper has a different look. All of the changes improve stability at high speed and Ferrari says, compared to the FXX K, downforce has increased by 23 percent at 200 km/h and the Evo weighs less than the 1165 kg FXX K but Ferrari won’t say by how much.