Further comparisons

E-Type Jaguar.
E-Type Jaguar.

Last week I wrote on the comparison between today’s cars and those of 40 years ago. This time I looked at the relative performance of the sports cars of yesterday, and family sedans of today.

The comparisons I took from a Jaguar E-Type (1961) and a Ford Focus (2017)

Performance figures for E-Type Jaguar 1961

Zero to 60 mph: 6.3 sec

Zero to 100 mph: 18.2 sec

Standing ¼-mile: 15.5 sec

Performance figures for Ford Focus 2017

Zero to 60 mph: 6.9 sec

Zero to 100 mph: 17.0 sec

Standing ¼-mile: 15.1 sec

Putting the two cars side by side on a drag strip, the Focus shopping trolley is 0.6 seconds slower than the E-Type to 60 mph but after that, the E-Type is lagging behind the Focus in zero to 100 mph by 1.2 seconds and is even slower over the quarter mile by 0.4 of a second.

The car we all thought was the fastest thing ever on wheels, would not keep up with today’s supermarket trolley. Mind you, what would you rather have in your garage? A Focus or an E-Type?