Ferrari gets the biggest slice!


2015 Formula 1 runners-up Ferrari will receive the biggest slice of the $965m prize pot. The legendary Italian team, which has been present since the first round of the Formula One World Championship in 1950, and has missed just 16 events since, will receive $87m from the main pot. However, it receives an additional $35m courtesy of a Constructors’ Championship bonus, which is paid to just four teams following separately agreed deals, and a further $70m as a ‘historic bonus’. In total, $192m.

Indeed, the figures, as made public by Autosport, show that Mercedes, which won both titles and all but three races in 2015, will receive $171m in total, comprising $97m from the main pot, $39m Constructors’ Championship bonus and a further $35m thought to be a bonus agreed should the German manufacturer win back-to-back titles.

Even McLaren, which had its worst season in living memory, will pocket $82m, receiving $50m from the main pot and a further $32m as a Constructors’ Championship bonus, whilst Red Bull, which finished fourth will receive $144m in total, courtesy of $70m from the pot, $39m Constructors’ Championship bonus and a further $35m bonus.

Williams, which finished third for the second successive season, picks up $87m in total, which comprises a $10m bonus on top of its basic $77m.

The figures show that Ferrari’s share is up 17 percent on 2014, whilst Mercedes enjoys a 36 percent increase. On the other hand, overall, Red Bull’s share is down 7 percent, Williams 6 percent and McLaren 16 percent.

The remaining money is divided between Force India ($67m), Renault ($64m), Toro Rosso ($57m) Sauber ($54m) and Manor ($47m).