F1 season kicks off this weekend


The first race of the season begins in Melbourne Australia this weekend. Only now will we see just how good or otherwise the teams really are.

McLaren have had a dreadful official testing over the last couple of months, and the following statistics table may surprise some of you.

Date Driver Team Tyres Time Gap
27-Feb Rosberg Mercedes S 01:22.8 125.776 mph
28-Feb Hamilton Mercedes S 01:23.0 0.23
1-Mar Bottas Williams SS 01:23.1 0.271
28-Feb Massa Williams SS 01:23.3 0.47
28-Feb Raikkonen Ferrari SS 01:23.3 0.484
1-Mar Vettel Ferrari SS 01:23.5 0.677
1-Mar Nasr Sauber SS 01:24.0 1.231
22-Feb Grosjean Lotus SS 01:24.1 1.275
28-Feb Sainz Toro Rosso SS 01:24.2 1.399
26-Feb Ericsson Sauber SS 01:24.3 1.484
21-Feb Maldonado Lotus SS 01:24.3 1.556
1-Mar Verstappen Toro Rosso SS 01:24.5 1.735
20-Feb Ricciardo Red Bull S 01:24.6 1.782
28-Feb Hulkenberg Force India SS 01:24.9 2.147
22-Feb Kvyat Red Bull S 01:24.9 2.149
1-Mar Perez Force India SS 01:25.1 2.321
28-Feb Magnussen McLaren S 01:25.2 2.433
1-Mar Button McLaren SS 01:25.3 2.535
20-Feb Alonso McLaren S 01:26.0 3.169
20-Feb Palmer Lotus S 01:26.3 3.488
21-Feb Wehrlein Force India M 01:27.3 4.541
19-Feb Wehrlein Mercedes H 01:28.5 5.697
19-Feb Wolff Williams M 01:28.9 6.114

Last time I checked the race time in Melbourne, the organizers were still saying the starting time was to be confirmed. However, I believe it should be noon our time. We will be watching at Jameson’s Irish Pub (Soi AR, next to Nova Park), so join us for lunch about 11 a.m. in time for the race.