Electric technology hits the Eastern Seaboard

Charging station.
Charging station.

Numerous applications have been received by the Board of Investment (BoI) all related to the future of electric cars. If you thought that e-power was a long way away, think again.

Applications to the government body total 30 bn. Of that figure, 11 bn is from Nissan and 6 bn from Honda.

The spectrum covers BEV’s, HEV’s (Nissan, Honda and Toyota), PHEV’s (Mercedes and BMW), batteries (Nissan).

By 2020 you will be seeing a lot more EV’s on our roads, and our exports will be subsequently higher as the market expands world wide.

And here’s a hot tip: invent stand-alone recharging stations. I have no idea what technology would be involved – that’s why I said “invent”.