Bira awakes for 2016 season


The Bira International Circuit on Highway 36 has its opening meeting for the 2016 season. Promoter is Adisak Nitto 3K and these are very well attended ‘picnic style’ race meetings. The categories range from road cars through to 600 HP fire-breathers. Somewhere in the middle of all those groups is the Retro cars, and we will be there with our TBX Mk 1 Retro Ford Escort, built in 1973. New colors this year, with the car painted white over Ferrari red, reflecting two new sponsors on the car this year, being AA Insurance Brokers and The Venue music bar at Mabprachan, in addition to TBX, B-Quik, Hemaraj, Pattaya Mail, EBC Brakes, the Automotive Focus Group and Stonefish wines. If you liked Mk 1 Escorts when they were new, you will love this one, 40 years old and still racing.

Bira races 2016.

Many other cars have had a change of livery over the Xmas/New Year break, with Urs Schoenenberger’s BMW’s sporting orange this year.

Some of the road-registered categories are amongst the greatest number of cars per race, with the C37 group having 30 cars on the grid each time. This group has their final at 10 a.m. on Sunday 6th March.

Bring the family for a day at the track. The Bira Café in the pits has very inexpensive food and drink. Pop by and say Hello to the Escort and its crew.