Autotrivia Quiz


Last week I asked which XPAG and XPEG engines had MOWOG con-rods? XPAG engines were 1250 cc and XPEG engines were 1500 cc and were from the MGTF and earlier MG Models. They all had MOWOG conrods which stood for MOrris WOlseley mG.

So to this week. What car was this? Crankcase was aluminium-magnesium alloy and the cam carriers and cam covers were magnesium. Cylinder barrels were aluminium with Nikasil liners. The connecting rods, rod bolts, fan drive shaft, auxiliary and output shafts and other miscellaneous hardware were made of titanium. The fan shrouding, cooling fan and intake stacks were fibreglass. The cooling fan displaced up to 148 cubic meters of air per minute. That is plenty of clues!

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