Autotrivia quiz


Last week I asked, why did James Watt have a team of horses and what was the significance to the motor industry? That was really too easy as this was the birth of a measurement of power, and so “horse” power became the way to measure power.

So to this week. Please identify this car. It was a race car that broke the world land speed record. It was one of six cars built to improve its aerodynamics, with a 21,504 cm3 (1,312.3 in3), 200 hp (149.1 kW) inline-four engine. Of the six cars, two survive, one held by the manufacturer and the other belongs to a U.S. collector. What were these six cars, and what year they were campaigned?

For a free beer at the next car Club meeting (August 13) at Jamesons Irish Pub, be the first correct answer to email [email protected]  or [email protected] . And in addition, if you are a Pattaya resident, the closest correct answer will win a free voucher for Casa Pascal’s Breakfast BBQ. One local resident wrote back to say he had enjoyed the Casa Pascal BBQ brunch and went so far as to say it is the best breakfast in Thailand. Good luck!