Another reason you don’t see many Honda Brios


A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that the floods which hit Honda so hard was the reason the cute little Honda Brio was not the sales leader in the eco-class.  However Ron Lister, one of the readers in Chiang Mai contacted me with the following additional information.

“There is another reason why Honda Thailand failed to get Brios onto Thai roads.  Well before the floods hit Chiang Mai and then southern regions I was ‘in the market’ for a Brio, having tested it alongside the March and Mazda 2.

“Before the floods Honda Chiang Mai (2 dealers) informed me there would be a 6 month wait for my vehicle if I ordered it and paid a 5000 baht deposit.

“I wasn’t prepared to wait that long and considered the delay to be because of inefficiency, so I bought a Mazda 2 and only waited one day!

“At that time there was a wait of 3 months for the March!”

Thank you Ron, and if Honda is lucky they will have read this item and smartened up their delivery system in 2012.