2012 Formula One calendar released


A proposed 20 race calendar for 2012 which includes Bahrain.  A shameful decision by the FIA, considering the oppression in that country.  My guess is that it will end up being cancelled, just like this year.  For what it is worth, here is the official calendar.

Australia: 18-Mar
Malaysia: 25-Mar
China: 15-Apr
Bahrain: 22-Apr
Spain: 13-May
Monaco: 27-May
Canada: 10-Jun
Europe: 24-Jun
Great Britain: 8-Jul
Germany: 22-Jul
Hungary: 29-Jul
Belgium: 2-Sep
Italy: 9-Sep
Singapore: 23-Sep
Japan: 7-Oct
Korea: 14-Oct
India: 28-Oct
Abu Dhabi: 4-Nov
United States: 18-Nov
Brazil: 25-Nov