True to launch 100 Mbps Internet service in Pattaya in September


Communications provider True Corp. will roll out Thailand’s fastest Internet broadband service in Pattaya in September.

Part of the company’s 2 billion baht initiative to cover all of Thailand in ultra-fast Internet access, the Pattaya initiative, inked at a May 12 contract signing at Pattaya City Hall, will bring speeds of 100 megabytes per second to the city.

Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome said True’s new “Multimedia Network” is a must-have for a world-class tourist destination like Pattaya. True Chairman Wichao Rakpongpairot said the company is investing 350 million baht in Pattaya and hopes to offer the service to 70,000 households.

True currently offers residential and business Internet access that tops out at 16 Mbps, as well as 400 wi-fi “hotspots” around the city. It also is the only one of Thailand’s three major wireless telecommunications firms to offer third-generation high-speed wireless data access for mobile devices.

True is also expected to beat CAT Telecom in bringing high-speed Net access to Pattaya. CAT is currently digging up city streets north to south to install fiber-optic cable that promises even faster speeds, but will not be available until next year.