More French film classics this weekend


The French Film Festival at the dusitD2 baraquda pattaya hotel continues with two more much-loved cinematic releases from France.  On Friday, Feb. 15 there will be a showing of the movie “Two days in Paris” followed on Saturday evening with a screening of “La fille de Monaco”  A brief synopsis of both films can be found here.

Eight films are being screened during the month long festival at 8 p.m. every Friday and Saturday night throughout February at the hotel’s pool area.  Admission is free of charge and all the movies carry English subtitles.

Details of further movies to be screened during the film festival can be found in future editions of Pattaya Mail.  For more information, call 038-769-999.

Friday 15th February: “Two days in Paris” (2007)

Director: Julie Delpy

Category: Comedy/Drama

Length: 1 hr 36 min

Marion (Julie Delpy) is a French-born photographer living in New York City with her neurotic, hypochondriac, chain-smoking, heavily tattooed American interior designer boyfriend Jack (Adam Goldberg).  After a markedly unromantic trip to Venice, which was planned to re-ignite the passion in their relationship, they take a night train to Paris to pick up Marion’s cat from her parents and decide to stay for two days.

Jack is startled to learn Marion has remained in contact with numerous ex-lovers and becomes increasingly uncomfortable due to the language barrier and a multitude of her old flames she keeps meeting.  Meanwhile, Marion wrestles with her own insecurities about love, relationships, and her impulsive nature. (Wikipedia)

Saturday 16th February: “La fille de Monaco” (2008)

Director: Anne Fontaine

Category: Comedy/Drama

Length: 1 hr 35 mins

Middle-aged and highly successful lawyer Bertrand Beauvois (Fabrice Luchini) is hired by Monaco businessman Louis Lassalle (Gilles Cohen) to defend his mother Édith Lassalle (Stéphane Audran), who has killed her former lover.  Lassalle assigns a bodyguard to Beauvois, Christophe Abadi (Roschdy Zem).

Audrey Varella (Louise Bourgoin), a beautiful local TV weather girl, who is highly promiscuous, and whose previous lovers include Christophe, enamors Beauvois, hoping to make a better life with him.  Despite the warnings of Christophe to Beauvois to stay away from her, the lawyer is hooked.  In desperation Beauvois asks Christophe for help and the bodyguard takes matters into his own hands – with deadly consequences. (Wikipedia)