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Wizard of Oz coming to Rayong

Charity Club and Lodge host charity night in Jomtien

Protective Behaviours

Ferrari FX Club visits Royal Cliff Beach Resort

Birthday party in aid of the Mercy Center

Food Hygiene Training at Garden International School

Wizard of Oz coming to Rayong

The cast poses for a promotional photo after their dress rehearsal.

Corinne Harding REPS Kindergarten Teacher

For the first time ever, Rayong English Programme School (REPS) will be staging its first musical; our very own take on the Wizard of Oz featuring many songs from the hit Emmy Award winning TV series Glee.

The (Wonderful) Wizard of Oz, written by L. Frank Baum, is a timeless classic loved by many for over 100 years. It follows the journey of young Dorothy and her companions through a wonderful but frightening land. It is here that she faces many foes including talking trees, an army of evil henchmen and an evil witch who is out to get her at whatever cost.

In June 2010 we began auditioning for the many difficult roles that involve the students not only being able to act, but also to sing and dance. Now, finally, after a lot of help, time and hard work, this visual extravaganza is ready to be viewed and enjoyed, as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

So come and see if Dorothy and her friends make it to the Wizard in time, or whether she will be trapped in Oz forever.

The Wizard of Oz will be featured at Garden International School Hall on Thursday 16th and Friday 17th of September 2010 at 6 p.m. Tickets cost 50 baht (adult) and 20 baht (child) if pre booked at [email protected] or alternatively 70 baht (adult) and 30 baht (child) if bought on the door at the following address: 188/24 Moo 4, Pala-Ban Chang Road, Tambol Pala, Amphur Ban Chang, Rayong 21130, Thailand. Or call for more information: 038-030-803-4

Charity Club and Lodge host charity night in Jomtien

Christina Boden

On Saturday 21st August, the Charity Club of Pattaya joined Lodge Pattaya West Winds 1803SC on the beach at the Pinnacle Grand Resort & Spa for an evening of light entertainment, wonderful food and of course drink, all in the name of charity!

Malcolm Glenny the Master of Lodge Pattaya West Winds 1803 addresses the gathering at the Pinnacle Grand Resort & Spa.

The evening started at 7 p.m. with the Pinnacle staff welcoming guests with the free flow beer and wine. Guests then viewed the auction and raffle items as they waited for the B-B-Q Buffet to open. The food as usual was vast and delicious and enjoyed by everyone.

Malcolm Glenny, the Master of the Lodge greeted everyone who had attended not only from Pattaya, but from Bangkok and the surrounding areas as well.

As the night progressed and the wine and beer flowed free, auctioneer John Collingbourne, aided by Malcolm Boden from the Charity Club got the auction under way. The auction items had been donated by the Charity Club and various members of the lodge; this was closely followed by the Charity Clubs raffle.

Michael Kelly (left) & Gavin Hazlehurst (right) enjoy the proceedings.

The prizes were drawn by Middy Campbell who was assisted by Som Fisher.

Prizes donated were from Kandaburi Resort Samui, Pimalai Resort Koh Lanta, Ambassador Resort Bangkok, Novotel Lotus Bangkok, Novotel Bangna Bangkok, Amari Atrium Bangkok, Grand Sukhumvit Hotel Bangkok, Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok, Bangkok Natural Spa and the Sofitel Centara Hotel Bangkok. All the prizes were claimed on the night with Som walking away with three of the prizes, much to the delight of husband Kevin!

The main point to the evening was not only to have a good time with friends old and new, but also to raise money for the less fortunate. The amount raised was 75,400 baht which meant that Lodge Pattaya West Winds received 37,700 baht as did the Charity Club of Pattaya.

The money will be going to various projects and charities that the Lodge and the Charity Club are involved in.

Protective Behaviours

Master of Ceremonies Judith Edmonds welcomed everyone to the Sunday August 29 meeting of the Pattaya City Expats Club at the Tavern by the Sea Restaurant. After the usual opening announcements, Judith called on Chris Harman to talk about “Protective Behaviours.” Chris is a self employed trainer and consultant specializing in safety programs, conflict resolutions and family support. He retired from the Thames Valley Police Force in the UK having been a serving police officer for 26 years. For the last 15 years of his service, he was involved with the training and development of police officers, teachers and other caring professionals.

PCEC Speaker of the Day, Chris Harman, a former policeman from England, is a self employed trainer and consultant specializing in safety programs.

Chris started by giving some information about himself and how he helped to replace the “Stranger Danger” program that was taught to children. He was not satisfied with the “Stranger Danger” program because its main theme was to tell children to be careful of strangers. However, in most cases, a child is in more danger from someone they know rather than a stranger. He found a program called “Protective Behaviours,” which he felt was a much better approach on discussing safety; not only with children but with people of all ages. He mentioned that after starting the program at the Thames Valley Police Force, it was adopted by other policing agencies in the UK.

He said the entire course is normally two days, so he had to condense a lot of material into a 30 to 40 minute presentation. He decided to concentrate on the program’s primary theme of safety. Using a flip chart, Chris drew diagrams and words to emphasize his message. He first drew three interconnecting circles which he labelled Thinking, Feelings, and Behaviour. He said the idea was to balance all three and that he wanted to emphasize that we all have the right to feel safe all of the time. He asked the audience to think about safe place feelings that they might have, such as you feel warm, comfortable, contented, happy, loved, belonging, secure, and/or peaceful.

Hawaii Bob gives us the good oil on Jesters Care for Kids Fair - raising money for underprivileged kids on the Eastern Seaboard. The Children’s Fair will be 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. on Sunday the 12th of September at the Diana Garden Resort and Driving Range, not far from the Bus Terminal on Pattaya North Road.

But, there are times when it is fun to be scared especially if you are the adventurous type. He mentioned several scary things that can be fun or adventurous, such as riding a bike with no hands, walking through a graveyard at night, going on fairground rides, attending scary movies, or even just trying something new. The primary thing is that in these cases, you have choice, control, and a time limit; thus to undertake the activity is a choice you make, you usually have sufficient control to stop the activity when you want, and you know that the activity will end within an expected period of time.

Open forum host Les Edmonds prepares to take over from his better half, MC Judith.

Chris then drew a figure of a person on the flip chart and pointed out the early warning signs that most of us would experience when we sense danger; among these are goose bumps, hair standing on end, perspiring, faster heart rate, and more. These signs are telling your body that you do not feel safe. When you do not feel safe, he said you need to think about it. Identify the danger and think about the choices you have such as going away from the danger, going around it, joining others that may provide more safety. Another thing that can be done is to talk to someone about the danger you feel or sense.

One of the main themes of the Protective Behaviours program is to emphasize that there is nothing so awful or so small that we can’t talk with somebody about it. You need to think about who you can talk to. If you talk to one person and still do not feel safe about your situation, you should talk to another and keep doing so until someone can help you find a solution that will let you feel safe. Chris pointed out that this can be a parent, family member, friend, parent’s friend, friend’s parent, neighbour, or teacher. He said that the qualities you want from this helping hand network is they will listen, believe, be available, be sympathetic, not shockable, have been there, and/or can do something to help you.

After Chris answered several questions from the audience, Judith called on Les Edmonds to conduct the always informative and sometimes humorous Open Forum. This is a time when questions about living in Thailand and Pattaya in particular can be asked of and answered by others attending the meeting.

Ferrari FX Club visits Royal Cliff Beach Resort

The Ferraris were parked outside the hotel so that hotel guests and visitors were able to photograph the beauty of the prancing horse.

Executives from the Royal Cliff Beach Resort welcomed esteemed members of the Ferrari FX Club during their sprint from Bangkok to Pattaya on August 28 - 29.

Led by the Royal Thai Police, the 20 strong Ferrari convoy visited Silver Lake before arriving at the Royal Wing Suites & Spa.

The Ferraris were admirably parked outside the hotel, wherein hotel guests and visitors were able to photograph the beauty of the prancing horse at its best.

Special guests, including Patpong Thanavisuth, owner of HiSo Party Magazine and Pol. Maj Apinace Phornphiboon of the Royal Thai Police were escorted to the Caprice Bar and Restaurant for a multi-course Ferrari theme meal.

The esteemed guests were duly impressed: “Beyond 5 stars, the Royal Wing Suites & Spa is the Ferrari of hotels,” says Voravud Bhirombhakdi, managing director of Cavallino Motors.

Birthday party in aid of the Mercy Center

Sue K

At midnight on Saturday August 21, Eva Johnson, Secretary of the Pattaya International Ladies Club turned 60. A party, held at Kheang Talay Condominium in Pratamnak, was enjoyed by 200 people, including fellow PILC members, Pattaya Players, friends and relatives from overseas and many musicians from local bands.

Eva and Diane Doell from the Mercy Center share a big smile.

The “No presents please” party saw everyone partake of splendid food, plenty of drinks and great entertainment supplied by Chris Browne (DJ) and the VW duo who performed some great 60’s and 70’s songs for all us oldies!

Eva announced that whatever the guests would have spent on a gift should be put in the Mercy Center drop box, to go towards the building of a new “Mercy Center” building. The Mercy Center is all about helping as many abused, abandoned and desperately poor children in Pattaya as possible. They also coordinate several other projects.

The money raised on the night totaled 46,700 baht! But we still need much more… The land on which the “new” Mercy Center will be built has already been donated. If you want to help, please get in touch with [email protected]

Thanks so much to everyone who helped. It was a Party to remember.

Eva visits with some of her friends during the party.

Food Hygiene Training at Garden International School

Stuart Baker (back row, center), Director of Training & Development from Minerva Training Asia made learning fun for the staff.

Janette Oracion Bagsic

Garden International School held a two-day training on Food Hygiene August 17-18 in the GIS Primary Hall with the theme “It’s about making it your culture not just training.”

In preparation for the opening of the self-running canteen on the 23rd of this month, 20 participants, mostly teacher assistants and canteen staff joined the seminar. The objective was to train all food handlers to receive appropriate supervision and be instructed in food hygiene to enable them to handle food safely in school and at home.

Common symptoms of food-borne illness, types/sources of bacteria, personal hygiene, preventing cross contamination are a few of some very essential information topics that were discussed. Towards the end of the seminar a test was given.

The speaker, Stuart Baker, Director of Training & Development from Minerva Training Asia was splendidly appreciated by the staff as he was exuberant in his presentation. The games were also fun plus the sense of humor he delivered.

Anyone aspiring to contact him you may do so via: Web: www.foodhygieneasia.com or email: [email protected]

(L to R) Supawadee “Pom” Srisai, Poonlapassorn “A” Malaphanan and Panjawan “Poy” Banasarn enjoy one of the many games during the training session.